Monday, 16 January 2017

Holidays are great

I am enjoying my time at home. Going through cupboards and rooms getting rid of some rubbish.

I have also spent time in the end of a crochet hook, my version of the Temperature quilt.

And experimenting with a corner to corner quilt.

I also joined #apqresolution Over on instagram. You make a list of 12 projects you want to start or finish and align them to a month. All people quilt choose a number and then you work on that project.
So this month is number six.
My project is to bind some quilts. This one was made by Candice for Talia. Tick it is finished.

I have also completed my Initial Heart swap project.

Now to bind some more quilts.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

SSSC Xmas Swap

Wow what can I say.
I was pleasantly surprised to have received my parcel from Gail Gail's Blog, Independence Missouri. The name was so familiar and when I checked my previous swaps I had the privilege of sending Gail her parcel in 2015.

The gifts I received from Gail were wonderful.
Some buttons and a notepad.

Some cute bobbin holders.

And the main present being a table runner featuring some of favourite things.

Thank you so much for my special gifts and also thank you Chooky for hosting another successful swap.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas everyone.
I had a great Christmas Day with some very special presents received.

I also had my three daughters with me this year. It has been a while since together. We all gathered at mums house in Canberra. Mum dad my two sisters and my girls.

Bridie made me a piece of nail string art which was quite special.

I was also very delighted with my SSSC parcel. I was very spoilt and will make a separate post later.

As always we ate and drank too much. The girls spent time swimming in the pool listening to music and having a drink.

Crazy to think I now have to girls who are of legal age to drink.

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Friday, 23 December 2016

Xmas 2016

What a crazy couple of months I have had.

The girls father ended up in ICU for a week and is still in hospital 3 weeks later - tetanus.

Work has finished.

Talia got her HSC results. Missed out on primary teaching early entry so now waiting for offers to be released to see if he can get into secondary teaching.

Talia has begun a new friendship with a boy!

Bridie headed off to Canberra for two weeks before me.

I am officially on holidays. Back to work 23 January.

Spending Xmas with all 3 girls in Canberra with my mum dad and sisters.


Have done some sewing.

Finishing off self binding bff stitchery hexagons -
Crocheting a Xmas stocking
Table centre

Hope you all keep safe this Christmas season. I am looking forward to opening my SSCS parcel in two days time.

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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Friday night with friends.

Loved joining in with everyone.
I spent the time working on my crochet Xmas stocking.

It is starting to look like a stocking.

Also this past week we have begun putting up the Xmas decorations. Live rediscovering all my handmade goodies.

Those I have received as presents and those I have made

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